A shamanic journey and the magic of meditation

Samstag 26. Januar | 14:30 - 17:30 | im Meyo House mit Aurelia Heitz (Gastlehrerin) | 65 CHF

I will share the beauty of meditation , explore different approaches and teach you a powerful shamanic technique that changed my outlook about meditation. We will ask the questions, what meditation can be for our sense of being and why do we often think it has to be done a certain way? Lets break up some old habits and ideas by sharing experiences and insights.
If you are looking to start a regular meditation routine, deepen your existing meditation practice, this worksop is for you.



Moving Meditation

A Little Knowledge

Questions and Discussion
Greatest Tree Meditation

Sharing Experiences

Stay and Chat A Little


About Aurelia:

Driven and influenced by soulful teachers; my curiosity for movement and meditation; different approaches as well as the wish to introduce and explore those ancient traditions in an individual and accessible way - formed me into a Teacher I am today.

I moved to Nicaragua 5 years ago to follow my passion for surfing. I overcame fear and the idea that life has to function a certain way. We are different form one another, so we have different experiences and therefore everything is always moving and changing. We are all capable of change and healing. That is the reason I love to open the door of meditation to all of us, because it’s magical and brings us closer to one another.


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